Ibiza is the party Island of the Universe! With Privilege the largest club in the world, HI Ibiza a club that even has DJs in the toilets; the world-famous Ushuaia party with its exclusive rooftop bar; and the first club on the island Pacha which is more than 60 years old, it is safe to say the party side of Ibiza can be intense! This is not forgetting forest parties such as Woomoon, festivals such as Zoo Project, and outdoor clubs like DC-10, located so close to the airport that the planes feel like they are within touching distance! We have not yet mentioned the countless unique restaurants, bars and luxury yachts and villas that Ibiza contains. And we would run out of the room if we listed all the world famous DJs that play all summer long on the island.


With all this in mind, do not forget that Ibiza is also a Magical Island that has a spiritual, peaceful side to it. Es Vedra Magical Rock is at the beach of Cala D'Hort, which is the 3rd most magnetic place on the Earth. Ibiza Town also has a lot of history, including the Ibiza Castle located in Dalt Vila, and all the boutiques within the citadel surrounding the castle.


We could list so many more unique places and tell you all about it ... but we have a better idea and there is only one way to truly experience Ibiza... Visit IBIZA !! :)

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